Mission: Brazil Joao Pessoa
Entered the MTC on: December 15, 2010
Release Date: December 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

Letter From September 3rd, 2012

Finally I'm sending some pictures.  The first is of my shoe.  As you can see here in Brazil we walk quite a bit (ha ha).  The next is of the lady and her son that we baptized last week. The last picture is of my comps b-day a couple of weeks ago when we threw a surprise party for him at our house. 
One thing that I thought would be cool that I have been looking for is a blue and white hammock for you guys to put in the house.  So, I'll keep my eyes open for that.  That way you can put a little bit of Brazilian taste in the house. Plus, hammocks here are pretty cheap.  I bought one the other day that was 60 reais, so that's only like 30 dollars which I think is pretty cheap for the size of the hammock. Today in our house we are going to put some hooks in the walls so that I can sleep in my hammock like I used to in my other areas.  Here the houses are made of brick, so it's a little bit harder to do stuff like that. We are going to have to chisel holes in the wall, then put the hook in, and then fill it all in with cement. So, that's going to be most of our pday today (ha ha)!  
This week went well.  I had another division with a different Elder this week and spent the day with him which was cool. Their house is super small - it's crazy.  We have an awesome family that we are teaching that they started the marriage papers, so they are going to get married next month.  We are super excited for that!!  We had quite a few people at Church yesterday which is good.   We are workin' our tails off here trying to find and teach new people and do everything that we have got to do. This week will be pretty crazy.  We have got a couple of meetings that we have to go to this week, so I'm pretty sure this week will fly by.  We also have Zone Conferences this week on Thursday ,so that will be cool to see some old friends and get trained by President.  This conference will be our whole state that  will go, so there is gonna be quite a few missionaries.  But, that's about it.  The work is going on and we are working our hardest to save souls here in this blazing sun.  It's funny because everyone - literally EVERYONE - always comments on how my face is red (ha ha).  I don't know if it's getting worse (my redness) or if they are just not used to it, but I always just tell people it's a family thing and that I was born this way.  

But hey - have a great week.  I only have one more email before transfers which is crazy.  These days are flyin' by.   Until next week. . . 

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