Mission: Brazil Joao Pessoa
Entered the MTC on: December 15, 2010
Release Date: December 2012

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Letter from June 4th, 2012

That was a dog that bit my finger, and it swelled up like that and bled a little bit (ha ha). Also, I forgot to tell you that last week I was walking home with the pacakage that I got, and it started to rain and all.  Ever since then, it's been raining like every day here.  So, YES - I use the new umbrella like everyday.  It's so nice. 
On Thursday we had Elder Mazzagardi of the Seventy here with us to give us a training. It was super cool. He taught us a bunch of cool stuff. He is super intelligent and knows the scriptures very well, so that was super cool.  It will be fun when I get home to share all of the cool things that I learned.   It was also good to see old friends and comps and to get the mail. Yeah, it has been pretty rough in my area lately.  It is because in the past there used to be 6 Elders in this area.  So, 99% of the people we talk to have already talked with the missionaries and don't want anything to do with the Church.  But, the Lord has His hand in everything.  And Gods plan is perfect.  So, there has got to be some sort of reason why I'm here.   All I need to do is find out what that reason is.  We have been working with a lot of less active people here and we had a couple of less actives at Church yesterday which was cool.  Next Sunday we won't have sacrament meeting because the Manaus Temple is being dedicated so that will be awesome!!  Also, I have already lost a little bit of weight in this new area. When I got here in Brazil, I was weighing about 180.  Now I'm around like 165.  I'm trying to get rid of the little gut that i have (ha ha).   But hey, love ya tons and have a great week!! 

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