Mission: Brazil Joao Pessoa
Entered the MTC on: December 15, 2010
Release Date: December 2012

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Letter from November 12th, 2012

Hello - thanks for everything.  I had a whole lot of emails today of people wishing me a Happy Birthday.  It's crazy to think that I am 21 now.  I'm feeling pretty old now.   But, it was a good day yesterday.  We had a nice lunch yesterday and cake and there was a lady in the other ward who threw a little party for me last night after church.   All the Elders that I live with threw a more or less surprise party.  I pretty much knew that they were gonna do that.  But, they did buy some sweet sunglasses for me, which I love.  I love Brasil  because there is a lot of cool fake stuff that's cheap to buy.
Last Tuesday we had to go to Joao Pessoa for our monthly meeting and all.  That was good and on Wednesday we had to give a training to the missionaries about how we can do a better work in reaching our goals.  It seems to have went well because we are already seeing better results in the work.   Sadly that man is still smoking.  There isn't much more we can do for him - just put it in the Lord's hands and just wait.  But, we did have some other people who went to Church yesterday that are really good people who we are going to try to work with now.
Another really awesome surprise yesterday was a family that came and visited our ward.  They are a family from my 3rd area here, Rosa dos Ventos and they came and visited me since it was my birthday.  (It was that same family that you sent the PS2 to them.)  It was so cool to see them again!!  It has been about a year since I have seen them, so that was really special.  And, they even hooked me up with some really nice cologne.   So now I'm gonna come home smelling good!!
Thanks so much for everything. 

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