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Release Date: December 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

Christmas Letter

Chace's Christmas update - December 26th, 2011
Merry Christmas!!!! First things first - sadly we didn't have the baptism that was scheduled for Christmas Day.  The young man got pretty sick yesterday and wasn't able to go. So we will be doing it on Tuesday I believe. Yesterday was a pretty awesome day. We started it off picking up one of the members from my first area who decided to come and visit me for Christmas which was really cool. Then we went to lunch and had a delicious lunch. Then we had a Church meeting which went well. The 2 bishops ended up speaking and it was good. Then we went to a members house to do "Christmas" which was cool.  They even were nice enough to get me and my comp a gift.  They gave me a nice tie and belt which was really nice of them. Then we gave them some pics and a letter and a card game, so I hope that they liked it.   Afterwards we had a huge dinner with them that was awesome.  Then we ended up having to run home to get in on time. All in all it was a really good day.  We also even had a couple of our investigators that visited the Church which made it that much better. My comp was  nice enough to get me a gift as well.   He bought me a soccer shirt and an air pump to pump up my soccer ball, and then I had bought him a hammock, which I think he likes.   I love the gifts that you guys got me!  I have already listened to that missionary CD and the whole talk from Chad Lewis which I liked a lot - it was awesome!  Of course I love the BYU Cougar shirt that I got too, even though my comp doesn't like it very much (ha ha). 
It was awesome being able to talk to everybody and see the new nephews and brother-in-law and everyone else.  I am for sure gonna use Skype the next time as well. For now I don't think that I will lose my emailing privileges, but who knows (ha ha). Hey, I'm gonna jet,  but I'm hoping I'll get to send you an email here in a week.  Hope all is well and that you have a great New Year as well.  Great Big Hug!!  Elder Tenney

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