Mission: Brazil Joao Pessoa
Entered the MTC on: December 15, 2010
Release Date: December 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

Letter from January 30th, 2012

You wanted to know how things are going here in my new area, if it's good or bad?  Do you think that I would ever talk bad about my comp or area - come on (haha).  Here in this area we have  a bunch of little cities that we are always visiting that we have to take a taxi to. Our chapel is in a different city as well, so we have to take a bus there with all of the members every Sunday.  Usually we have about 30 people in sacrament meeting.
My new companion is pretty much the opposite of me.  It's funny because he always asks me if I have seen
such and such a movie or know such and such music,  and I tell him no.  And then I ask him the same thing and he says no (haha).   But, he is a good kid and a hard worker which is nice. Our district is way chill.  We got together today and played soccer which was super fun. It had been a while since I had played. But, that's about it for here.  I will try to send some pics next week because this computer is really slow.
We have a big group of people that we are working with right now. A lot of the people that we are teaching need to get married before we can baptize them, and most of them don't want to get married.  So, that's probably the toughest thing here.  I will send a longer email next week for sure.  I'm back for sure now (ha ha).  Love ya so much!!

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