Mission: Brazil Joao Pessoa
Entered the MTC on: December 15, 2010
Release Date: December 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

Letter from February 29th, 2012

Sounds like things are going good for you guys. So, yeah - pretty much you guessed right.  Pres. Hall doesn't let me stay with my comps ever. So, I'm getting a new comp today. I don't know him or anything about him right now, so I'll be able to tell you more this Monday.  All I know is that he is a Brazilian.  But, we had a really good transer with my old comp and we got along well.  
This week and a half passed by really fast. With all the work and traveling and things that have to get taken care of and everything, it seems to pass by really fast. But, I'm excited to stay in my area at least one more transfer. We are gonna have to work really hard to have success here, but we are always working hard.  I hope my new comp likes to work!!
I feel like I'm pretty much writing like the same thing every week.  If you have any questions, it would help a little bit (ha ha).  Hey, you need to get on Amanda and Jessie's case because I haven't heard from them in months, so I don't know anything that's going on in their lives. Quite a few Elders from my district were transfered and pretty much now we have the coolest district in the mission I would say (ha ha). We have so many cool Elders, and 4 of us are Americans (ha ha).  This will be my 3rd Brazilian comp and my 10th comp in my mish and I only have been out a year and 2 months.  I hope that you guys all have a great week and I will be able to give a little bit more info here in a couple of days on Monday when I pass internet again. Love you so much!!

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