Mission: Brazil Joao Pessoa
Entered the MTC on: December 15, 2010
Release Date: December 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

Letter from March 5th, 2012

Well how are things going? I take it that you guys had some pretty good ol' times at "Wicked". Amanda sent me some pics of the boys (ha ha). They are just getting so big!!  I freakin' love Kolten's hair (ha ha). 
Not much new stuff that has been happening these past couple of days. I have just been getting to know my new companion and all.  He is super white (ha ha) and he reminds me of Shawn White. One of these days I will send you guys some pics. I need to try to figure out how to send like all my pics at once because I have a bunch. But,  he is from Curitiba, Paraná.  It's way down in the southern part of Brazil. He has 9 months in the mission. He is pretty chill too. It's funny - he is so white that like everyone says that he is American and some people don't believe him so he has to like show them his identification and everything. People say that I look more Brazilian than he does (ha ha).  This week was pretty calm and everything with transfers going on. We had Fast and Testimony meeting which was good. Our branch is so small that pretty much everybody that could bore their testimony, and we even finished a little early because there was no one else to bear testimony (ha ha). We have this one lady who we are teaching that we are trying to get baptized.  She is ready and everything, but she still isn't baptized and there is nothing holding her back from being baptized. Even she got up there and bore her testimony how she knows the church is true and the Book of Mormon is true.  I'm just sitting there thinking why doesn't she want to get baptized??!!!  But, I know that the Lord works in His own time and everything, so maybe I'll just have to wait.
This morning we played a little bit of soccer which is always fun. The best part was when we put the Brazilians vs. the Americans. All I'm saying is that we represented quite well against them and we ended up pulling off the big upset which just felt so good. But, that's about it for news this week.  I hope that everyone is well and all. Hope Dad's feeling better.  Love you all so much!

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